Dare I Say I’m in Love With You

Silent butterflies fill my stomach
The world is thrown into oblivion
As I look into your deep brown eyes
The feeling of euphoria takes over

Like a shadow, I loom behind you
You of course are oblivious to this
For I am invisible to the human eyes
Wiped away from the fabric of time
I am destined for loneliness
Till life has me lying on my death bed

You compel me speechless
How I wish you were mine
I am enticed by your demeanor
Infatuated by everything that is you

When the day is over I watch as
The night sky kisses the moon
And then I wallow in self-pity
Wishing I had the courage
To mutter the single hello
That is so long overdue

My days are perpetual cycles
Of daydreams and pensive faraway looks
Thinking over what might be
Mind infused with thoughts of
If only

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This Poems Story

Poetry has always been a way for me to make my emotions known, but still hidden and "Dare I Say I'm in Love with You" is no exception. And I am just so thankful to God for endowing me with the ability to express myself in a world where it can sometimes be so easy for one to feel misunderstood and unheard on every level. I will also like to express my gratitude to my mom, dad, my sister Wendy, and my two little brothers Ransford and Vidal for always encouraging me to write and to never give up.