Dare to Dream

Why try to achieve what others have already dreamed
Why try to accomplish those things of which there are no need
Why put into action things that have already been done or said
Fueling off of others' ambition, skimming their glory, running scared
Dare to dream a life that brings forth change
Hope for our future, make your own name
Stop putting off for tomorrow things that can be done today
Start making plans, get busy with life, There is no time to waste

Why stand in one place putting your life on a stand still
Stop joking around playing as if you have time to kill
Why not put into action all of those things you've dared to dream
Why not be like Dr. King and change the scheme of things
Why not take all of those thoughts that you've gathered in your mind
Why not be courageous and win this race against time
Why not put your foot down
And stand your ground

Saying to yourself,
"I am like Dr. King. I, too, can change the scheme of things
And yes, I, too, will dare to dream".

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