Dark A Companion

Today I am in a situation
Where some got frustrated
And I fell into a confusion
By understanding the circumstance
I took a decision
Then I took myself
To the dark and got isolated from them
I hate loneliness
But in this condition, it is supposed to be right
Members who were very close to me
Made me look subdued
To share my thoughts I needed my dude
But there was no one out
I searched and discovered
That my silhouette is always there for me
It was a surprise
When I look at that one
Who has no face no emotion
And does not have a heart or brain
It is a dark side
Which gave me a bright side
Sharing a thing with the black
It gave me something the same back
I laughed out
And here my loneliness vanished
Happiness came in
It did whatever I did
Listened to me for hours
Doesn’t get sleepy, hungry
Or yawned
But I came across by these then got tiered
And slept peacefully,
And I got the one whom I was searching for

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