Dark and Light, Of Your Life

The Sun goes down,
The Moon rises,
Two celestial bodies,
Following in endless cat and mouse,
Envy and lust,
Driving forces behind the story of the sky,
Lights twinkle in the dark night,
But they disappear with each earthly light,
This is reflected on our planet being an endless chase of the chaos called life,
Whilst running from the dark and inevitable truth called death,
For in our society,
We envy those who shine,
So we turn on lights,
Darkening them like the stars in the sky,
And now,
With lust for greatness satiated like all the others,
You sit high,
Now laughing at those who suffer in darkness,
Not realizing that light shines brighter in the dark.
So now their light grows brighter,
Fueled by their anguished lives,
And as you cease laughing,
You can hear their tear-stained cries,
So listen to it closely,
Hear the ballad of their lives,
And now again you steal their light away,
Leaving theirs a shadowed home,
And now these darkened streets and alleys have become theirs to roam,
For you called them lesser beings,
Made them monsters from the start,
And now their hated voices have all just found their mark,
For now their voices are the demons lying just inside your heart.

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This Poems Story

A darkened poet's mind spawned his hate of bright people, for they stole his light away to brighten their own.