Dark Angel

Her exterior is an unblemished beauty, mysterious and true,
Hidden is her inner girl, with demons twisted through.
Her outer wall is just a shell, for her hollowed out insides;
She instead dreams of a great escape, a place she often hides.
She turns to the dark angel, who mingles with her core—
Comfort comes at a lonesome cost, she can’t fight it anymore.
She finds relief within her fix, in dim hours of the night,
Sweet serenity and bliss, drain her of all traces of light.
And now she lies unaccompanied, on the bathroom floor—
That dark angel finally led her to her closing door.
Mourning the loss of another life spent, a young life gone too soon,
Another victim fallen to the needle and the spoon.
And so the sunlight rises, the world is granted another day,
The dark angel wraps her in her arms, and takes her breath away.
What is it that she leaves behind? As her body plummets down—
A mother? A brother? A family? A child who once made her round?
She’s finally made peace with the demons, in the new place that she’s found.
It is light and warm and peaceful—unlike the dark angel—that put her in the ground.
Ah yes, another being surrendered from this world too soon,
Another piece of life claimed by the dark angel in the spoon.

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