Dark Ashes

They say that time heals all the pain
In time what was is washed away
Memories that were here to stay
Are now locked and about that bad day
The house that we shared is now burnt and gone
The neighbors asked where the hell is John
Little do they know what really happened
He took the knife and I saw him grab it
Walked up the stairs opened every door
Grabbed our daughter and she hit the floor
He killed her while she looked into my eyes
Nothing was more painful than her soul crying inside
He found me sitting in the corner of the room
Pulled me by my hair and dragged me to my doom
I managed to break free from this crazy killer
Grabbed his gun and shot him in the head like a thriller
My daughter laid limp on the cold floor
She was long gone and I was out the door
He burned the house done while she was still there
Nothing haunts me more than his frightful stare
I moved on with my life even tho it was impossible
The dreams were always unstoppable
Cherish your life and know who's right from wrong
Because you never really no what you have before it's gone
My daughter was a brave soldier but she couldn't fight
I didn't protect her and she died that night
I spend the days looking through her pictures
She was an angel but the demon took her
I blame myself for everything that happened
I can never stop being so deeply saddened

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