Dark Days

Shattered mirrors crack like my brain with thoughts
Tears pour down my face leaving long streaks
My colored life slowly turns black and white
Leaving me to face a cold hard life of reality

Pain, sorrow, and hurt sits around me
Letting a darkness consume my soul
The demons start to come and play
Taunting with every strike they can muster

Flower buds seem to close whenever I am around
As a coldness flows off of me and icy glares surround
I don’t feel like myself any longer
While I walk down the dim streets starting to wander

Bags stand under red drawn eyes
Scars fall on the inside and out
Hope that has now disappeared in thin air
Unable to escape as the fear replaces it

I’m done, I’m finished, I finally quit
I am sick of playing the same old game
A never ending circle of hurt, fear, and pain
Screaming to my demons as I stand all alone.

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