Dark Desires

What a tease,
That boy named Death.
He brings me up to the edge,
My toes hanging over,
Holds me on this side by nothing but a fraying thread.
And then he brings me back down,
His dark eyes laughing at my torture,
His delicious mouth carved into a smirk.
His kisses are sweet and tantalizing,
Against my purple wrists.
His warm lips send shivers through my blood.
His whispers trickle down my throat,
And his warnings echo throughout my head.
He makes me moan with longing,
Makes me beg his name.
And then he laughs.
And slowly steps away.
He leaves me for the night,
Haunting my nightmares instead of my daydreams.
He'll be back tomorrow though.
Let me tell you,
He may be a tease,
But he just can't seem to let me go.

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