Dark Games

You, yes you, standing alone over there,
Ice tinkling in my half finished drink
As you ponder my beguiling smile and daring stare.
The lights are low, the music seductive, as
I step slowly from the shadow of my lair.

Full moon is out, pulsing my blood inside
Gliding up to you, gaze into dark eyes and ask,
"How would you like a ride?"

There's a special place I know,
Wild, seriously hot, sensual types linger, besides
We can participate in the dancing there
Music of which they play all kinds.

Ah, as I'd hoped you are intrigued.
We are now so hungry to get inside!
My limo drives us smoothly on
We kiss with passionate abandon
Tongues explore, prancing in the black widow's web.

Ah, too bad you, yes you, never arrive.
I step into the dark--alone again.
There, ice tinkling in my half finished drink,
and smile. satisfied.
for now.

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