Dark Gray Cloud

My pain runs deep and no one understands.
To see thru these eyes and to see what I have seen.
The pain of death, disease, heartache, and sadness.
These are only a few and it never seems to end.
To take these tears that run down my face and push them aside.
I notice the crying has even stopped.
The tears are gone will they return.
I sit here today, trying to see the beauty in life.
But it is blanketed with a dark cloud that covers me.
I feel strangled by its hold, as it heavy and keeps me down.
Only at times can I push it away to remove some of the gray.
Then soon as they light begins to shine, it returns to never go away.
What is this, what can I do to remove that dark cloud.
This cloud holds me against my will.
Do I run, do I let it consume me or do I fight,
and clear that darkness that surrounds me.
This is a choice we all have to make,
to take control and make that darkness go away.
You have to take back the power and never let it go.
When those clouds start moving in take another path,
remove yourself from the gray misery that is coming in fast.
Hold your head up high and scream out I will never be taken again.
You are there, this I can see!
I will never let you come back and consume me.
I will fight, no more pain, no more fear.
Dark gray cloud it is time for you disappear.

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