Dark Grey Winter Of White

In the room we are in the premier of grey covering our face the smiling moon.
The lighting this color shades like no other in our room display.
It's just you and I under the cover of the blanket warm to stay under close.
We are speaking quietly in an under tone voice with peace sweet.

That is it moist as clear the water river flow deep in her eyes a green.
The silver in the shadow we lay in shades silent
bringing our bed.
As it is freezing cold the wind is passionate with us outside in coming through
the window.
It's onto the trees the snow will lay.
It is showing it is winter in front of the fire placing us to see.
The grazing we are across our hands on each other's body.
Then connecting several times our feet may meet as we rub them slowly together.
Ever there is a solid wood dresser dark brown in front of the bed.

It is as in the flare of your hair smooth.
I touch with a stare anywhere over her body.
It is into your eyes they are seen as in a fable beautiful a kiss to my lips.
Then slowly your hands are on my face placed.

It's your smile so wide that bright even the darkest of places and people.
Sometimes we would argue our minds as of difference not seriously heated.
It becomes tense rad odd and playfully a converse.
That but not leaving this room of warmth and affection for we embrace again of the touching.
The kissing we are in the grey of our place.

The hugging we stay happy moments yay.
In ours we pray to the pentagram not struggle or to break away.
It's just to be gratis with nice red wine and food.

This beautiful you are mine hopefully ever in care
of the help of the Leviathan cross.

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This Poems Story

A moment in the room at home on a cold winters day under the snow fall. This a depiction between a male and female being described in this poem.