Dark Horse

There is no justice.
There is no peace.
Where are the good things you promised God would give to me?
Foundation of lies built by false hope.
I'm questioning everything, at the end of my rope.
One in a million but I'm always singled out.
Is this my destiny?
Why is the silence so loud?
Trapped, I was a bird locked away in your shiny cage.
I fought to find my freedom, my weapon was my rage.
Go ahead, you may laugh.
You may feel nothing towards me!
I've been battling since birth.
And I survived your hanging tree!
I am a strong force, I am brutality.
I am a dark-horse, nightmare and reality.
I will return your blows.
To you, I'm giving them all back!
It was you who demolished my home.
And now I'm here to burn down your shack!
My flames will engulf every inch, leaving nothing behind but ash.
And you'll never even see me coming.
Guaranteed, I will have the last laugh.
So I hope you remember me and that you quickly learned;
If you play with my fire, you're bound to get badly burned.

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