Dark Life

Ever since I was little, I was forced fed lies.
Of who I'm meant to be ahead, of how great it is to settle and just
forget your dreams, of how it's a waste to try
because dreams are meant for sleep.
As I got older it seemed like years converted into days, people
telling me I'm too young, it's too late, past my bedtime, that this
is just a phase, telling me I'm just a kid and this is a dark
life, me telling them that it's okay, I packed my night light.
It doesn't matter what they think of me, only of how I view
me vs. the world and its negativity, it might be big and seem scary
but it can be conquered with courage and positivity.
I've heard the doubts of those who doubt themselves,
who decided to pack up and put their own dreams on shelves,
who won't try again because of one time they failed,
and they criticize their self and go through a personal type of hell.
And sometimes all I can see is a dark life, but then
I spot a firefly, and I realize no matter how many lies
I've been told, about how the night is cold,
it does not matter.
It's the same doubts of the doubters and downers who
try to bother and doubt me, and no matter what,
there's nothing stopping me, I decide if I'm old enough to
take the lead, and no matter what, I'm all the light I'll ever need.

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