Dark Night

One day somebody asked what hate was,
it's the opposite if a saint was.
Momma always told me I'm something,
even though I came from nothing.
People say I came from Satan,
others say from favorite haven.
But I know I came from neither,
but I know I came from Seether.
Every day I run a fever,
ask if I can take a breather.
But the Devil said never,
he'll be here forever.
A sin I'll never get rid of,
I would've prayed like I should've.
Now I'm late it's all over,
darkness hurtin my shoulder.
A dark flame burnin my heart,
the heart and soul are one apart.
They call me Seviar Soul,
and that's all you gotta know.
Cause my feelings got quite cold,
as emotions were ignored.
Now their claws dug in,
and they eat my sin.
Like its breakfast in the A.M.
all he asks is remember him.
It'll be a blessing to forget,
everybody knows you live.
As I lay down this dark way,
it reminds me of an alleyway.
First time that I took a life,
put her down with all the strife.
Then I made her my wife,
have her smokin that pipe.
I lay down in the dark of night,
all my dreams are there in sight.

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