Dark Night

By kevork   

It was on a moonless night
I realized how desolate the world is
A beautiful friend of mine
Who made joy a trademark lost her mirror
I saw her brave the odds and smile through the day
I saw mists on her beautiful window,
Sucked back constantly by her drooping lids;

Night came watching her walk me down an alley
She went back
While I remained transfixed in a position
Bulky from a burdensome heart;
I turned back to meet her
(Because I love her with a love that was more than love)
Only to meet her staring into nowhere, lifeless
Maybe she sees him,I know not
But I kept on watching
Till my leg picked me up on a mad dash up north
Running after who I can’t see, who no one can see I ran,
Like a horse with two legs
Running in a needle eye to seek Odin
Screaming in my soul as my inners tore into shreds
I ran till my legs paid obeisance to the soil
Till my head fell to worship the earth,
Till my blood flowed through my eye.

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