Dark Night of the Soul (Aurora)

I find myself easily affected by life's tragedies,
I yearn to understand one's thoughts and replay
their insane strategies.
Why and how can one person diminish the existence of another?
Did he realize those lives play a role of a sister, father,
brother, or mother?
Is their remorse, sadness, guilt, or any sign of feeling?
After all is said and done, what is left is the remembrance
and dealing-
Dealing with the pain, the loss of life.
Did he realize that woman was soon to become a wife?
That man, a dad?
The student, a grad?
Does he deserve to breath our air?
For what he did was extremely selfish and unfair.
My heart breaks for those grieving;
I only hope they don't give up, but keep believing.
Believe that there will be justice-
For those who have passed have become angels among us.

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