dark passenger

The dark passenger is back and he is back with a stronger hold around your body and mind, he won’t loosen his hold this time he has thorns now and they have snuck there way to your mind growing and spreading like a disease that can’t be stopped no matter how hard you try. you can try to get him out of your mind and you will think you won but he will always be in your mind hiding in the shadows of dought whispering the fears you try so hard to hide but he will get control again it’s just a matter of time until he creeps his way back into your mind. he will give you a false feeling of hope that he has finally left your mind until he comes crashing in your mind like a storm of darkness and hate. that slowly turns you into what you hate, he will take over everything you do and say until you become just a puppet that he controls until you no longer know what is real. His thorns have now sunk deeper into your body making themself a nest of pain that rests on your hart and making you feel nothing but numbness until your days just become blurs of time that go by. he has won now you are not you anymore your now a black rose with thick thorns that spout from where your sanity once was making you nothing but another flower in his garden of victims that only continues to grow.

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