Dark Place

its quiet and awkward as i sit here in silence
begging for someone to speak
i feel obligated to break the silence,
i feel obligated to fix this.
all their mouths are shut,
turned off,
removed from their faces.
no one says a word.
but i can speak, well at least in my head i can speak
because thats all i an hear right now,
i dont have to courage to try anything different.
obviously no one wants to talk right?
their all having conversations in their head,
like me?
or are they dying to say something too,
dying to just scream and yell and make a scene,
be a rebel for 5 seconds.
why are we so shy, and timid
to speak our minds, but not in our minds
out loud.
say our words out loud so our own ears can here.
im scared, shy, embarrassed
and the last thing i want,
is to be judged.
is that how you feel?

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