Dark Places

My mind is never silent, berating the things I say and do.
Nobody sees the inner termoil I feel just because I know how to smile at you.
Being the strong person is hard when you feel so isolated and weak.
When you're in a group of people silently feeling like the biggest freak.
I cry when you're not looking I sob when you don't see.
I sometimes think of very dark things, wishing to be free.
Free of the constant judgement or people dragging me down.
Free of constantly picking myself up off this cold hard ground.
Alone surrounded by people who I don't trust or share a bond.
Always feeling like I don't have a leg to stand up on.
Punishing people I love, who are so precious to me.
One look ,one smile, one touch from them makes my heart sore with glee.
My little humans help me out of this dark place that I sometimes dwell.
If I didn't have them here with me id already have a place in hell.

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