Dark Room

You think you may know
But all you can really see is black.
And no I'm not referring to skin
I mean what u see when vision is what u lack.
Your understanding is like a dark room
You can only navigate in a room you know
A room you constantly explore
But what of a room you never explored though.
Sure you can make a few things
Just as a child looking at the night sky
But if you look at the picture on low
It is not as good as viewing the definition on high
I can give you the total package
If you are willing to pay the bill
And actually make use of what u bought
Instead of letting it burn on the windowsill
For the knowledge I give to you
Is knowledge of who I am inside
Cause you make think you know
But you can only see the outside
You just photo shopped a copy
You could have had the original from the start
You just made your own judgement
Without relying on the jury in your heart
Your made the choice to be blind
When you could of seen the light
But all you see now is black
And you're missing out on a good sight.

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