Dark Room

I sit alone in a dark room as it represents my dark reality.
As I contemplate living in the dark,
I sit there calm and emotionless.
I close my eyes only to remember how
fulfilling the light feels on my skin.
I can picture the brightness as though
it was spiritually connected to a part of me
always trying to break free of this darkness.
But then again, I can use my flashlight and
matches in which has always provided a hint of warmth and light.
At first these objects worked wonders,
as they were easy to grab and control.
Eventually the flashlight broke and I ran out of matches.
I sat in the dark reaching for other easy objects
to instantly shine the light.
Upon reaching, the darkness led me to a
wall and all I have to do now is turn on the light.
I rather sit there and ponder staring at
the switch as though it wouldn't work.
I tell myself why take a leap of faith
on the unknown contradicting the fact I know the light switch works.
Is it possible that I could let go and
let the electrical current shine a light?
Then I sit back and realize the flashlight
and matches only shined a light on the parts
of the room I wanted to see.
The light switch will shine a light on the true essence of the room.
Do I take this leap of faith on seeing something
I may not want to see? Or does the leap shine
through as something I always wanted to see?

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