Dark skin

By Danni   

Let's talk about something real.
Something everybody ideal
Everybody want a light skin hottie
With the baddest body
And a phat ass
That make you double take when she pass
Meanwhile you got a chocolate chick thick thighs
Curves wider than my eyes
With a pretty smile
Full lips that would drive any woman wild
But you know what kills me when
people be like your black but you're pretty excuse me
Since when is beauty define by our skin
Or the social level we live in
Got our black girls
Hating their kinky curls
While we praise bundles and weaves
Dang this what we came to be
Well I'm here speaking for the dark girls
The real queen of the world
Kinky curls,Afros,natural looks
you see if you read the books
Despite what the media say chocolate girls are winning
Each and everyday

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