Dark Times

I am alone in the dark.
Sitting up in my bed, afraid.
Scary things happen in the dark.
Pain with suffering.
Anxiety and weakness.
When I do finally sleep.
Nightmares come around.
From being locked away alone,
To being the center of someone I care for dying.
I feel as though I am nothing.
That I am watching all the people I care for,
Get ripped away right in front of me.
People ask how I am.
I lie and say I am okay.
At the end.
In darkness.
I cry and try to let all emotions go,
But the darkness comes and finds me.
The darkness makes my thoughts go crazy.
In darkness, flashbacks come about.
This happens at the same time.
Then comes day.
Well another night wasted I say,
Close my eyes to sleep, darkness comes again.
Wake up at eight in the morning,
Saying here we go again.

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