Dark Wall


Fenced around, locked up in your own place.
hundred years i remember, wall with wars.
wall surounded with horrors, holding their devastated weapons,
mini weapons set close to the wall, tearing apart our flesh,
separating our children from us, husbands from wives.
from generation to generation , these horrors changed the wall form,
still tearing deeply into our flesh.
if we cross the wall they shoot.
mothers without children,
fathers without children,
children without parents.
all separeted.
What a wall, i remember.
east and west , the horrors divided
with this wall.
This wall was made for selfish desire.
Those pass through it were shot, those who
pass under it were still shot.
We swimmed and swimmed ,
some got drowned, doing it for the first time
alot were shut, i survived .
this wall is a calamity.
Air, the only way to pass through it, but am not rich.
i fought for my right, to destroy the wall,
but i died, the wall killed me.
Before going to that war, i prayed
for the wall to be distroyed.
He answered my prayer, the war was stoped,
but the wall liveth, i knew because am dead.
These present generation dummies, just made the wall an
historical statue.
They dont know what we pass against that wall.
We are all dead, but lucky she(wall), she liveth.
She is still alive, let us rest and leave them to face
their phase. {THE BERLIN WALL}

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