Dark Waltz

No eyes on other than they
Their eyes no other than each other
Moving lovingly in the fray
Against the wishes of both father and mother
Pale skin illuminated by velvet green
Redwood hair piled atop her brow
Beauty hidden by a mask, unseen
Softest movement grace will allow
He a man of blood and war
Holding on delicately to beauty's sire
Waltzes with a skill so pure
Each movement made of desire
Carried by the music fantasy spins
Of nights full of passion and days of adventure
A spark of romance begins
A world they can together venture
She speaks, "Pilgrim great wronging you much
For hands of holy men do find bliss
Giving sweet degrades and nonesuch
Shall not give way for your kiss"
He replies, "Dance we shall not while prayer I take
My sin from your fragile lips
Granting my prayer for desire's sake
And give me my sin again in eclipse"
And waltz, run, and die these lovers will
For their story so ingrained in time
Shall give way for the dark waltz thrill
And other poets learn to speak with a lover's rhyme

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