In the times when
Earth was a chunk
Of hot rock cooling
Slowly over centuries
A nauseating future
Was already written
For its beautifully
Made possibilities
Old old magma rocks
Carry imprints of leaves
Bones teeth twigs ears
Of corn and what not
Old old Earth is now in-
escapably insuperably
Caught in the DARK WEB
Woven by homo sapiens
The cursed tribe speaking
The worst lies and deceipt
The Dark Web is the fruit
Of Man's Poison Tree--the
Tree of knowledge on which
Satanic human spider
perches and throws the
Poisonous web over un-
suspecting humans that
Choose to be born blind
And snooze on behind
Eye patches that keep it
Dark enough for their to
Remain blissfully blind
The DARK WEB is everywhere
Waiting waiting being
Patient to catch anyone
Who wants to sink into
Its warm moist folds
Freshly woven out of a
Sticky poisonous drool
Blue whale caught in the
Dark depth of consciousness making copies---doppelgängers
Let loose in hermetically
Sealed capsules to burst
Open every few minutes
And release poisonous spores to be breathed in
Sharmila PupuMitra
01 May 2018

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This is related to the DARK INTERNET,OR DARK NET, OR DARK WEB, that is threatening normal human life.