Darkened by Insecurites

Thrashing is so and is such a weary complaint vanishing?
The answer was profound.I neglect the child I am!
My soul aches, why? Then thy is lost.
Mistaken, stresses, this is spiritually inclined, deviously impaired.
Ensnared in devastating disgraceful scenarios.
Enzymes lower as I lowered my head ashamed.
Who am I without purities?
I am impure, inarticulately unspoken.
Colliding, collided, oh thus is dismayed!
Spoken in muttered utterances paved on the shuttering lips!
My tolerated intolerance is not much more tolerable to no one.
Sickened by darkness that's exceeding discernment.
The light purifies hearts and gives acknowledgement of each new personality.
Petrified in mud, solidified by conclusively, confiding in much rubbish.
Urgently seeking I confide in harmonious melodies.
Scrutinized for asking many questions!
Sin was eager by the wings of deaths touch
Life was agony till the Celestial Father showed us Love
Always has.always will.always did.always still.
Descending on this Earth was his begotten son
Father of armies I close my eyes because you radiate my soul!
My mother cries for you to show me your will.
Let me mimic your qualities with such a joy.
Millions of stars I can not see
Trillions of tear drops souls pleasures are those of animals
My balance needs, wants, please I plead for spiritual guidance!

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