Darkened Spirit

Time is of the essence,
For all I have left is the present.
Which way to go? My spirit calls out my path is dark,
And it seems that life no longer holds a spark.
My spirit continues to dwindle as my heart grows cold-
For no love, home or truth do I hold.
In the shadows, I remain unseen.
With what's to come has never been.
So come now, mother, show me the way,
For from my path I do not wish to stray.
But home to you, home to stay.
I once took a look inside myself
To place my heart upon a shelf;
I feared if I took it down, it would break.
My life and love, from me you did take.
Then you locked me away, imprisoned me here-
Nowhere left to go but to death, I fear.
I sentenced myself with the path I laid;
My greatest fear to die alone, to die afraid.
So I go on physically living,
Knowing love is something I may never be given.
My spirit flies and soars so high;
I'll face the darkness and look death in the eye.
My spirit may be dark,
And life may no longer hold a spark,
But still I have the right to choose.
So I choose love, I choose life!

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