Darkening Feelings

The sun sets on the West Coast;
a dim glimmer of orange peeking through the trees,
gasping for the last breath of sky, the last kiss of the night.
The day should be longer, the hours of the night should last forever.
Yearning for yet another hour in the sky,
yet another kiss in the night,
the sun exposes its true colors, her true feelings.
A mixture of fiery red, soft yellow and beautiful pink
open up in the heart.
The colors reflect on the clouds,
the feelings run from lip to touching lip.
Within the last few minutes in the sky,
the sun all of a sudden is a tiny, vulnerable light
with all of its colors reflected, all of her feelings exposed.
When the sun is forced beneath the horizon,
its colors stay vibrant through the sky.
The parting of lips after the last kiss
leaves unresolved feelings behind.
Soon blackness creeps from east to west,
darkening the remnants of color in the atmosphere,
As she walks away, trembling.

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