Dark thoughts breed dark realities
Dark spots become dark totalities
A vale so thick you can't see
Do you even want to?
Why fight and suffer?
Just let go and stop the hurt

But in an ocean of dark you see a beacon
One bright spot holds back the dark
One small singularity if light
Small, yes, but the brightest of bright

Blinding enough to make you forget
The darkness that envelops you
Instead you feel it's warmth

But your eyes wander
And the dark is again all you see
The dark that will never let you go
The dark that gnaws at your very soul

That immaculate light still remains
But the fight to reach it is tiresome
How much longer can it hold it back
The emptiness that calls for you

I for one will not stop fighting
To feel the light wash upon me
But the darkness beckons me
An it is screaming louder

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