darkest blue

In the morning of the darkest blue,
I smile for you
by the nights of the deadly cries,
I cry thinking why am I still alive
if I start to feed on the voices in my head ill die in red
I curled into a ball as tears stream down my cheek
no one ever makes a peep
they stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me but that's a lie
I cry depression turning into pain, pain into death no one is left for me
not a lullaby from mommy or the singing of the whistling trees
I cut my wrist and close my eyes no more sadness no more lies
I am free
in the darkest blue is where I die solemnly

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This Poems Story

this is based on a book I read he father abandoned her mother blamed her and would beat and abuse her until one day she sold her daughter and never looked back the girl grew depressed and killed herself.