Darkest Face of Love

Underneath the sweet surface
There is a hidden current
So very close to breaking its restraints
And raining down in dark torrents

The magnitude of this power
Is something to be feared
And some higher deity help you
If it's ugly head is reared

This Blackness will consume you
And everything you are
There is no use in fleeing
It will hunt you near or far

You're screaming now in agony
As it rips open your chest
Forcing the breath out of you
Now comes the ultimate test

Can the purity in your soul
Persevere over this evil beast
Or will it be overcame
And dined upon like a feast?

It preys on the weak
But delights in taking the strong
It will never be satisfied
Until all innocence is gone

Will you take a stand
Be courageous and oh so brave?
Or will you succumb
To my bleak evil ways?

I'm coming to consume you
There's nothing you can do
I've decided on what I desire
No one else will sate my hunger but you

Your gallant attempts to refuse me
Have me so intrigued
I grab you by your hair
Turn your anger into need

I bring you to your knees
With such a simple little touch
I'm not going to take you easy
Instead, so callous and rough

Your soul is like clay
In my malignant hands
I begin to shape it
To meet my depraved demands

Two souls begin to intertwine
As the Possession is nearly complete
Abandoning all regret and morals
You fully give yourself to me

Ecstasy is flowing
Lust heavy in the air
I love how you've submitted your being
Our euphoric cries heard from everywhere

The Blackness now circulates
Through every single vein
This is the Darkest Face of Love
The addiction to carnal pain.

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Key Words : Dark, pain, passion, real

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This Poems Story

I wrote this for the man who has made me feel things I never dreamed possible and was a little scared of feeling. Everything pales in comparison to him. Love you