Darkest regret

I loved a nice guy,
He treated Me like I am not there why,
He made me felt stupid A waste,
But sometimes He grabs my waist,
With Chaste kisses
I used to forgot all My Miseries,
I looked over it as a story of Disney's,
But a script it was real,
And that the most I must fear,
He never asked Me,
Together the body but apart We,
The dark was our arranger,
In light we were stranger,
Well knew I it all,
But I was trying to make self a fool,
But the bloody bitch which reside inside,
Knew it all and I can't hide,
The moments enchanted me,
Not Heart but the body granted He,
I knew every mark on his skin,
Can identify the art of ink,
But his thoughts were mystery,
And it's not something his Mastery,
It was my own choice,I love hearing less of voice but yes favourite was his,
The song he used to mumble are still on my hits, it's not the obsession not there is any kind of possession, it can only be the purest feeling, just in a different disguise, He was not like this to all, He was kind to every other soul,
Loving,caring and friendly but with Me just Apparantly,He commanded Me every inch demanded He, He was a Dom a Siren, but he matched the speed of my run, Slowly but in little of time He conquored me, Touching my past didn't dared he, About nothing cared he, He blew darkness Away, Sunshine in his every way, But less I knew the sun was of Eclipse , The darkness was tracing Me on his Tips, I can still feel his touch , same impact as it had much, I haven't seen him the day I left And as silently as I did it, It appeared to be a Theft, I didn't asked him, I didn't told him, He was unbearable for Me , Maybe incompatible were We, He wanted fire took me higher, But it wasn't something I desired, Everything but not the feeling , And that's the most I needed for Healing, Whole was he ,hollow was My soul,. Wanting and needing was the difference about all. But now I am complete on my own,. It's self-love which has to be shown,. No more a need he is, but the darkness remains in ease,. There's nothing to be sorry,. He is a grey character of My story,. I wanted him to share m darkest secret but he became my darkest regret.....

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