Darkness appears so heavily
It has descended all over me
I feel so trapped and lonely
Because I messed up before thee
I don’t know how to get free
It won’t work with an apology
And it hurts me so terribly
The pain and suffering that follows me
Darkness is in my thoughts and memory
When all I asked for was to be happy
But I messed up so here’s misery
Now I don’t know who I appear to be
I am no longer an angel so heavenly
More like the devil from hell so terribly
The shadow of darkness is now all over me
It’s covering my eyes, I can’t see
I don’t know who I’ve become or want to be
I just want to live peacefully
But there’s a war in my head, sadly
I am nothing more than a cost and fee
Because I make everyone pay for my mockery
I have no one to blame, only me.

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