It seems empty ,
Getting you into a feeling of nothingness,
Making you blind,
Making you hollow,
Forcing you to suck it,
Then start prevailing over your mind & heart,
Giving death to the last bright memory,
Filling every inch of your body,
So that your soul traps in forever,
But what seems is not always true,
Like every picture has two sides to view,
It's not a devil nor an angel,
But it's something like you,
So unique, so magical
Having a mask of some weirdness ,
For the one with eyes ,
There are many colors to see in it,
It gives you a pause to rewind
Into those beautiful memories
Which you lost somewhere in light,
Filling that void in you with a lot of emotions,
Making you disappear from that world full of chaos,
Taking you to a castle among stars,
Allowing your exhausted eyes to take some rest,
Because from reality sometimes dreaming is the best.

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