I clench my jaw throughout the night,
Grinding my teeth
With all of my might;
I fight the truth that we exist
And are to eventually perish
To the loved ones missed;
I fear illness, death,
The plague of this mysterious existence,
Tortured by knowing or needing to
Of the mind’s utter reminiscence;
I lose sight of the presence
Despite blatantly being there,
Enjoying the warm sun’s hue
As it innately shelters me without a care;
At times,
Pain builds up and fear attempts to prey
But in these egotistical moments
I choose never to stay;
I desire success upon my own regards,
It’s through the blissful journey
That I choose to forever live large –
Exuding a light
That abstains from wrong or from right,
Therefore broadening my knowledge
Beyond an electoral college;
I’ll take all of the fucking pain
To the risk of feeling insanely sane –
I’ll embrace all of the darkness
Only to turn into light;
I will release the chains
So they will never remain too tight;
I die every day and yet I’m still here;
With that being said:
I choose to live without fear.

2020 All Rights Reserved. Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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