You will get through this
Time heals all wounds
Am I right?
Or am I wrong?
Lean in closer
I’ll whisper in your ear
All my biggest lies
Because I have no idea
Whether things will get better
At night time
I’m still tortured by my ex-lover
The war isn’t over
Are you fucking kidding me?
Don’t let the darkness take over
Think of how beautiful it is to be alive
And how still everything is in the night
The Earth is telling you to rest
The World is saying it will be okay
Tomorrow is a new day
My darkness is telling me I’m lying to myself
But I’ve seen miracles
I can’t stop here
I have to think about how great things could be
If I kept going
Don’t listen to the darkness in the night
Open your ears up for the stillness
The silence is who you are
Telling you how beautiful the World really is
And you will get through this

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