It came to me, an invitation to love.
But was it real? Does it come from above?
So many times I've felt the stinging blade,
thrust into my heart, in my own blood I've laid.
Should I trust it? Shall I go on?
In hopes of uncovering the light of dawn?
I sheath my sword and enter in,
I see the light and believe I can win.
But with a step more, a sharp pain in my chest,
a blade cast in shadows sprouts forth from my breasts.
It's darkness like black ink upon sheets of paper,
soaks into my blood, as I turn into vapor.
All that remains, a black cloud without form,
the link to humanity, severed and torn.
Now as dark fog I wander the Earth,
aimless direction, no purpose, no worth.
Void of emotion, empty within.
in the midst at last, the darkness, my kin.

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