There is only darkness.
It creeps towards me slowly.
But soon it surrounds me.
The water is suffocating.
I forget how to breathe.
The pressure on my lungs grows
As I am pulled deeper and deeper into the abyss.
I no longer can find directions.
Where is north, south, west, east, down, up?
I want it to stop but my body cannot move.
I quickly forget how to feel.
I watch myself as my body becomes numb.
I scream in my mind
Yet I cannot awake myself from this paralysis.
Can I feel the darkness?
Or is It only the absence of something exquisit?
No creature can find me.
I am a sunken ship,
An ancient galleon, at rest,
Below the still waters.
Will I be salvaged?

My body sleeps.
My mind is restless.
The violent still darkness drives me mad.
Will I be salvaged?

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