I want to scream
I want to shout
Yet my voice hides away
I want to feel
Yet my heart is numb

My mind wonders
To a place I despair
Yet it’s a comfort
Surrounded by darkness
Nothing leaves and nothing comes out

Alone with no escape
Deeper and deeper I go
On the outside I walk amongst them
Like a puppet I go about my day

But inside is a different story
There is a little girl
Dressed in white
No shoes, skin cold as snow

Tears run like a waterfall down her face
I can see her lips moving
Yet no word is outer
Surround by darknesse
Her thoughts her only company

Can she not be helped
Does no one see her suffering
How frail and sickly she looks
She reaches her hand out to me
Afraid I turn and run

For I cannot save her
But maybe death will

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