Darkness, Darkness

Detached from his body and everyone around him
Floating through the universe and the dark clouds of his mind
Not truly anywhere but pretending to to be everywhere
Snap out of it they tell him but he can't
Fighting to maintain the rigorous climb whilst pretending to be fine
His thoughts won't cease. Meaner than any bully he had ever met
He wants to call out for help but his voice has grown too soft
No one can turn off the voice in his mind
He gazes at sunsets but not looking through his own eyes
But the eyes of someone blind to its beauty
Who is he? The true him has become a distant memory
He longs to see his own face in the mirror
Days pass he sits in solitude waiting for the storm to end
He wonders if the sun is too lost behind clouds to ever be found
A ray shines through eventually
But it is an ongoing battle chasing after the elusive light

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