Darkness Envelopes

Sitting here in silence waiting for something unknown,
If it gets closer it will consume me,
Keeping it away is a must but it is to strong,

Feeling its breath on my neck,
The heaviness of it wrapped around me,
Its strength is so massive I can not break free,
I struggle to breathe but only gasp,
The more I struggle the stronger its grip gets,
My chest is tight now,
Gasping and gasping for air as it tightens,

The light begins to dim,
Deeper and deeper I go into the darkness,
Just before the blackout, I feel its bite,
As it clamps down I begin to scream,
A chilling scream echos in the room,
I cant hold on having to let go,
Letting go is the only thing left as it consumes me,

The heart is breaking,
The wailing has begun,
The tears are falling,
No one here to help,
Letting go to be consumed,
Swallowed by this, this thing that has its hold,
Is its grip so tight that I will never get free?

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