Darkness in the Light

Denial is my life, it's what I'm living now.
I don't know why and I don't know how.

Happiness is what I'm seeking and it's just in my grasp,
but it's me holding me back, how long will this last?
I need to strip this emotion of self pity, it's not me.
It's holding me back when all I want is to be free.

I want to rise from the ashes, like a phoenix and start again,
to take away all these emotions, the sorrow and the pain.
Give me a sign if I'm going the right way.
I need to know which way to walk, which way to run; do I wobble, do I sway?
If I jump slightly to the left, will it all get better
or should it be to the right? God, tell me in a letter--
a letter from God, from the creator of it all, the one.
I envision who created my body and my soul.
Whisper it to me, show me it in a dream.
I know that things can be different. They are not always what they seem.
Am I important, do I have a reason to be?
Am I needed, am I wanted? This I want to see.
Tell me my purpose that is all I ask.
I am on a mission, a quest, a simple little task.
I know there is an answer for this question and it will soon be revealed.
I will open my mind. It will no longer be sealed.

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