Darkness Is Light

Though our mind is great.
Its fragile existence brings flaws.
Seeing what we see through our eyes
Life is, and forever will be an endless flaw.

Darkness could be seen as a depression through one's eyes
When in for others, it could bring the light and ones will
Pushing through the endless resistance of self-made misery
Life will find you, even without your own energy's will

Reveals through one's eyes, and all for one to be
The true face of self-confidence will always see
Through dark times, shall you be
You will be the only one to finally see

Us mankind, faintly floating through the open night
We could only reveal One
One, through the night and darkness is my life
Life appears to be much clearer
Than that one, of the clear light sky.

All for the kindness in ones heart for all to feel
I see mine and reveal my own light
That light which is dark and endless
Endless Dark is light. My moon-lit night.

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