Darkness Surrounds

Darkness....complete and utter darkness;
all around me darkness.I see the stars,
and hear the cars, but all around me darkness.
It surrounds me like my blankets do at night.

A bright light....what the....it's just a car.
I feel like Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a
mystery in black and white.

Once again encompassed in darkness. Cold,
uncaring darkness. Where am I really? All I
did was start running....running....running,
as far and fast as I could to get away. What
was I running away from again? I wish I could
find help, they would know what to do.

Red lights, and blue lights....who's that? I'm
so confused, and again I run. They start
speeding right towards me, they'll hit me
if they don't stop. They'll kidnap me if I
stop, but then again maybe they will help me.
So I stop, and they pull up beside me and I guess
they talk but I hear no sound.

I wake with a start, cold sweat drenching my body.
I hop in the shower thinking what a nightmare. Then
realize that was only the other night that all of that
happened, that's when I scream. From the depth of my soul
comes a shriek like no other, then....nothing. No sound,
no light....no life....

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