Darkness Swallows

Darkness Swallows
Anger is content.
It took up residence but don't pay rent.
It's presence dwells here in horror.
Evil growls....roars & howls.
A horrid stench so foul.

Heaven don't save the damned.
Pitchforks are not an olive branch.
In hell you don't get another chance.

No harps or halos it angel wings.
Only screams angel voices don't sing.

Your forced to learn your lesson.
A game you lost & can never win.

Depths of hell echo & haunt.
Obscenities expose & flaunt.
Blood splatters on the wall.
Where he killed my hamster & threw him to his fall
Like scenes from a haunted house.
Tears your skirt, shirt, dress or blouse.

Dictate your fate in a bottomless pit to fall.

Clackling devil hooves across the floor of stone.
Hammers to crush & break every bone.
Skulls decorate cave walls.
Horned red skin with an evil grin stands 7 feet tall.
Death, destruction, torture & corruption.
Hell that is what's it's about & all.

Pitchforks stab & slice.
Evil does what is not nice.

Not flame retardant.
Hell fire burns is how it is meant.

His sadistic nature needs to die.
For making me & my sister cry.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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