Darkness within

What have I done to bring such a ghastly fate upon myself. An act that is unforgivable and emoral. A feeling an urge to cause those around me great pain and sorrow. I fear the road upon which I walk is one of many to hell. Some people say has a darkness within them but I can feel mine as it slowly creeps over the corners how did this come to be ghow and why? I know I must fight it but what if I fail. Is this my destiny to bring only more pain and hatred into this world. Is it so and if so can I stop it. I pray to God to help me but still I hear no answer. Some days I am afeared to leave my home. Is this the true me was I born to be not a man but a monster. To hurt and not love. I know not what to do nor where to go I am at war within myself. I am going under falling forever left to my own pain and sorrow. They say some people are born tortured that darkness drives them on and consumes them. Darkness is that my fate to see only darkness and to pray for death. "Does this darkness have a name. Is it your name." Is it my name.

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