Dash – Between

Please don't think me unkind or mean.
Yet your date of birth and last day on earth doesn't matter but what
does is the dash between.
Yes on the day of your birth.
There may have been gladness and great mirth.
Yet your last day on earth as many have seen...
Will be celebrated or disparaged by the dash between
The dash between will be for all to see.
For the dash between will be your lasting legacy.
It will show how you really lived your life.
Did you cause or relieve someone's pain and strife?
Were you an encouragement to someone along the way?
By things you would do or words you would say.
Helping lift others up will that have been your aim?
You were always there for me, will others claim?
How many people will honestly say?
My life is better because of your earthly visit and stay.
Will your dash between be one of disgust and regret?
One that all who knew you is one that everyone wants to forget.
Now is the time to change the way you will be seen...
How others will view you by your dash between.

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