Daughter of a Song Writer

Daddy's gone but in my mind he'll alway's live on
And as time rolls slowly by he'll always be right by my side
I will continue to roll gently with the flow
Because Daddy's gone I sit and think what could have been
And want it back those days that came to an end
But Daddy's gone and from time to time I can still hear
That whistled tune he used to do oh it's so clear just sitting here
Daddy's gone he wrote those songs and they live on
I still play them now and then makes me smile to
Know my daddy wrote those songs
We never saw eye to eye Daddy and I
But he loved me this I know he said it in a song I love my daddy too
And this he knew for
I just wrote this here tune
He will always live on in my heart and in my soul
And as I play those songs we will never
Be far apart even though my daddy's gone
He will always live on
I love you Daddy from your girl right here

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