To my daughters, Mommy loves y'all
when i leave it's not because i want to it's because i have to
i'm doing what i have to so y'all can come home soon.
when y'all come home soon, i'll make it up to y'all.
when i look at ya'll, i see the window to my soul.
y'all are my moments in my life, i won't let go
and when we get back together
all them broken pieces will be gone forever.
missing y'all is something i can't prevent,
i've been crying so long my cheeks are so wet.
holding y'all in my arms is like being in heaven.
nothing can ruin this moment unless we let it.
y'all occupy my heart,
there's all the room for y'all and has been from the start.
holding your soft little hands in mine,
your smiles i can look at all the while.

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